Updates from OGB

Please update your package to 1.2.1 (June 26th, 2020).

Recent Updates

- June 27th, 2020: Leaderboard policy updated.
  1. Additional information is required for leaderboard submission (thanks to the suggestion from Google group discussion and Github issue).
    • We additionally require reporting hardwares and #parameters in the leaderboard submission. Please refer to here for more details.
    • If you have previously made leaderboard submissions, please tell us the above two information.
  2. The package version requirement has been added for each dataset.
    • To make sure all the leaderboard submissions use the same datasets and evaluators, we have added the package version requirement for each dataset. It can be checked at both dataset pages (e.g., here) and leaderboard pages (e.g., here).
    • We highly recommend always using the newest package version. Our data loader only downloads and processes the modified datasets.
- June 26th, 2020: Package updated to 1.2.1.
- June 11st, 2020: Second major release of OGB.
- May 4th, 2020: First major release of OGB.
- May 4th, 2020: Package updated to 1.1.1.
- May 4th, 2020: Paper uploaded to arXiv.
- May 1th, 2020: Package updated to 1.1.0.